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Cockroaches and cockroach killers – What helps?

Cockroaches in the apartment? These are nimble, 12-15 mm in size, and they can transmit dangerous diseases that is also quite a number. Especially where it is nice and warm and with high humidity, as is usually the case in the bathroom or in the kitchen, they feel very comfortable and an infestation has nothing to do with filth or rubbish lying around.

A cockroach carries its eggs in it and it must therefore be trodden under any circumstances, since they would otherwise be distributed freely. It is no matter what poison you use ultimately, it is extremely important to carefully read the product and use information, and to note!

All cockroach killers should be kept away from food or feed!

Of course, the toxins must be kept away from children and pets!

Systematic instructions:

Cockroaches are very durable and they would even survive a nuclear war. For this reason, you can contact for help to a specialist. Do you want it in advance but rather try yourself; you can wherever the animals were sighted, sticky traps attached. You can find it now in every supermarket and the cockroaches stay on their exploring stick to it and can then be disposed of together with the case.

Somewhat more effective it is when you use borax powder. Roaches do this powder very much, and when they have eaten, they die after a short time.

Of course, there are commercially still a whole lot more of special cockroach poisons in the form of gel, sprays, powders or tablets, which are all more or less effective. But no matter what you used to fight, to do a thorough check after a few days do not you come help, because it often happens that the crawler store shortly before her death, nor their eggs and then suddenly the next crawls Generation well in the next apartment.

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Combat cockroaches preventive – cockroach killers

If a cockroach looks out of your toaster, this is a bad sign. Because the pests you will be very hard going back. Even highly toxic pesticides are often futile. According to rumours and cockroaches could even survive a nuclear war. Completely lost the thing from the start but did not. With some means and measures, you can fight cockroaches. In the worst case, the exterminator has ran.

Cockroaches are carriers of dangerous diseases and therefore have to be sought in house and apartment no. The 12 to 15 centimetres pests you accept its sweet scent and the little black droppings. Since cockroaches like heat, they hide mostly in the kitchen, bathroom or electrical appliances. The safest way to remove cockroaches, according to http://www.pestcare.bg/ is, not to let it settle first in the apartment. To ensure that cleanliness is a top priority.

Cockroaches love lying around leftover food and garbage standing around.
Make sure, when shopping but also that you take any uninvited guests.Therefore, Throw away used boxes fromthe supermarket. Cockroaches like to lay their eggs there.
Sometimes the pests come also from vacation back to the apartment.
Cockroaches in the apartment – so you control the pest

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Cockroaches are small survivalist and have a reputation even survive a nuclear war. Accordingly, it is difficult to fight it is.

If you run a cockroach on the way, you cannot crush them. Cockroaches carry their eggs in it and that hatch after some time.
Against cockroaches, there are few means of pheromone sticky traps, borax powder, sprays, gels, traps or biocides. Be sure always to the respective instructions.
Make sure that the cockroaches cannot find other food sources, such as food waste or garbage.
Before you lay out sticky traps and Co., but you have to take some precautions.
Only detect hiding places, and then remove the cockroaches

Search in your apartment all possible entrances, through which pass the cockroaches in the apartment.
Edit cracks from which the pests can also crawl, with a steam cleaner.
Blow away the hiding places of roaches with a heat gun out, because cockroaches are sensitive to drafts. Then sprinkle of lime.
Set out in the dark with a red light on cockroaches search. As already mentioned, the pests are attracted by heat. Have you caught one, you throw them in a trash bag with a tablespoon of talcum powder.

Also always, check the hidden corners. Cockroaches, for example, eat and die borax powder, frequently lay eggs shortly before her death.
Repeat these security measures for 2 weeks and put repeatedly falling out or sprinkle borax powder, etc.
Sometimes you do not fight the pests successfully with these measures, but sometimes. If you just cannot remove the roaches, helps only a cockroach killer.

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Combat cockroaches successfully and safely – cockroach killers

Cockroaches are now in the best of families. You should not have to ashamed when he encounters these pests in their homes. You have also discovered small number cockroaches in your home; you may assume that in your rooms a whole colony is under come. This is why one of the first things you have to do is to clean your home.

By law, every homeowner is obliged to take action and to fight this, because these pests can transmit serious diseases such as salmonella, tuberculosis and anthrax.

For the tenant that means he could have overcome this evil by the property owner and would be exempt from this concern. The homeowner must request appropriate professionals, i.e. cockroach killers.

Who prefers take care of the problem he should remember that a cockroach fighting with home remedies like salt herring or catnip, whose smell is beat cockroaches on the run, would shift the problem best in the neighbourhood and it will not solve the problem. At the next opportunity, the unwanted visitors coming back.

Cockroaches prefer to stay in a warm and humid environment. Therefore, examine the areas in your home that offer a pleasant environment for the pests. Places where you do not make weekly clean, must now be vacuumed or wiped particularly. Wall openings and vents are also popular whereabouts of cockroaches and should be taken into account.

In heavy infestations, you should think seriously about the use of chemical agents thought. It should be noted that cockroaches have put themselves in agony eggs, thus spreading poisons are not necessarily recommended.

Therefore, you prefer poison traps in which the pests die. These should postern on walkways and approximately the cavities.

It remains to consider that you will of course not get along with one or two traps. At prices of up to 7 per case this is not negligible and worth considering whether it would not be worth an exterminator.

Have you finally solves the problem, you should follow a few preventive measures. After traveling the laundry should immediately directly into the washing machine, suitcases or travel bags must be cleaned thoroughly.